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Jenn’s Crafted Gems

Lucien Dust

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Green - Orange - Pink chameleon/holographic shift 


 Introducing our mesmerizing holographic chameleon pigments, the perfect companion for all your crafts and artwork! These extraordinary pigments boast a unique combination of chameleon pigment shift and captivating holographic effects, adding a stunning dimension to your creations.

Each container is packed with high-quality pigments, ensuring you have an ample supply to fuel your creative endeavors.

Designed specifically for optimal results, these pigments shine brightest when applied to a black base. The black backdrop enhances the chameleon pigment shift, allowing a dazzling transformation of colors as the viewing angle changes. Witness the magic unfold as hues seamlessly transition, creating an ever-evolving masterpiece.

Versatility is key with our holographic chameleon pigments. Not only can they be applied to a black base, but they also complement light bases, providing a contrasting allure that catches the eye. Additionally, these pigments can be effortlessly incorporated into epoxy, granting your resin creations a touch of enchantment.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our holographic chameleon pigments are sure to ignite your creativity. Transform your paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and crafts into vibrant, dynamic works of art that command attention and admiration.

Experience the allure of chameleon pigment shift and the allure of holographic effects with our exceptional holographic chameleon pigments. Unleash your imagination and bring your artistic visions to life like never before. Get your hands on these captivating pigments and watch as your creations shimmer and dance with a magical radiance.

Note: For best results, we recommend using a black base and experimenting with different application techniques to achieve your desired effects.